Reefside Maldives

About Reefside Maldives :

In 1976 Mr. Hassan Zahir, son of a prominent Maldivian business man Mr. Ibrahim Gasim (Kalhuhokko Kudadhon Maniku) opened Shop No. 18 on Chandhanee Magu, Male’ to sell tourism souvenirs. In 1980, with a shift to the present premises at 3, Orchid Magu, Male’, Shop No. 18 became Reefside Co. Pvt Ltd.

Reefside Company still leads the way for exclusive selling of watches and electronics of repute in the Maldives . We have further gained the trust of our customers by establishing the first full-fledged Watch Care Centre and reputed Electronics Service Centre for quality after sales service in the Maldives.






3321204 & 7731204


ReefsideON, 3rd Floor, KKM Building Orchid Magu, Male', 20189, Rep. of Maldives

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